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Gabriel Loire is perhaps better known for his works in dalle de verre (facetted glass) more than his painted works. Indeed, from 1946, at the time he started his workshop he developed this technique.
Dalle de verre went through a rapid development during the 1960s with some very large productions being created.
With a stock of more than 300 different shades of sheet glass, dalle de verre work remains a specialty of the Loire, who work in France as well as overseas countries such as Japan and the USA.

Virtual visit of our 'dalle de verre' workshop
Virtual visit of the workshop virtuelle

On a technical note, glass used in dalle de verre work is 22 mm in thickness and colored in mass. In the workshop it is cut with a 'marteline' (a kind of hammer) following a template, and then set in a mortar of epoxy resin.
Cutting with the marteline
Cutting with the marteline
Application of resin
Window detail
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